Sunday, May 29, 2016

Blogging break

I don't know what it is, but every time I think (and say) that I'm going to blog more, it always ends up being the reverse. I stop blogging, don't feel like blogging and it becomes some what of a "chore". 

Don't get me wrong, I really love my blog. I love the fact that people seem to read my blog and I love to talk all things beauty as in reality, I really don't have anyone around me that loves beauty enough for me to talk about it for more than 5 minutes. 

I also suffer from anxiety. I always feel like people really don't give a shit about what I have to write and that everyone's bored and not being educated. Education is a very important part for me, and one of the main reasons I like to blog (besides, of course, beauty and products). 

Anyone who has had or currently has anxiety knows how crippling it can be. It stops you from doing anything without analysing, over analysing, critiquing and criticising. To the point you are in fear of doing whatever it is you could be doing. You are your own worst enemy times 10. I've been suffering anxiety on and off for years. It apparently runs in my family too which doesn't help. There are many times you wonder if it will ever pass or simply get easier to live with. 

I've recently taken my anxiety by storm in trying to help manage it. I've been seeing a councellor, reading books, meditating, trying yoga (something that to be honest has dropped off a little over the past month... Naughty!). Together, in the method of all of this, something is working. I'm not sure what it is but hey, I'm happy. I feel like I'm starting to see the light and feel like things are just clicking in my head. In a positive way. 

I guess the most important thing I have taken from all of this, and my messages to you is quite simple (but also quite hard): LOVE YOURSELF

In a society where that's damn near impossible and something to be shamed, it is the hardest skill to master. I'm all about baby steps. It will probably take a long time to really, fully, love yourself. Not in a conceited way, just in a simple but beautiful acceptance of yourself. I'm no where near close to it but if you can start today, it's better than beating yourself up for another day. Again. LOVE YOURSELF

Here are some things you can do to start the loving.... (I'm sure you'll come up with your own)
* Make a delicious beverage of your choice that you love. Take 5 for yourself. 
* Read or watch something that makes you happy. 
* Put on your fave shade of lipstick.
* Go pet some animals (proven to help release anxiety). 
* All the snugs with someone you love. 
* Meditate + breathe. It kind of goes hand in hand but it's good.
* Yoga. Again with the breathing and some stretching and general feel goody-ness.

Do anything that makes you feel good about being you. 
It is probably the most important thing you can do for yourself. And the world. 

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Recent empties: episode 2

Hi guys! Back with another edition of recent empties... I have a lot that I've used up since I did the last one of these. I'm focusing on using up what I have, rather than buying more stuff. Very novel right?

The Body Shop Satsuma body butter (jumbo size)
This has taken me FOREVER to use. I'm not a super moisturiser, and just use them when I remember (which is rare, but I'm getting better!). This is my favourite Body Shop scent and I like that it's thick and I feel moisturised for a long time after using the body butters. I also learnt that I definitely prefer smaller packaged things so I feel like I can get through them, rather than something so massive like this, especially when I don't use a product often enough (my staples, however, could benefit from being bath sized in packaging haha).
Would I re-purchase: Yes, but not this size.
Available: The Body Shop stores and online
RRP: $8.95 (mini/ 50ml), $24.95 (regular/ 200ml) and $39.95 (400ml/ jumbo)

Kate Somerville Cytocell eye cream (full size)
I love this and even though it's more directed at dark circles, I love it for keeping my fine lines at bay. It's moisturising but not too heavy. This is a must have in my skincare regime.
Would I re-purchase: Yes, I already have
Available: Mecca Cosmetica and
RRP: $112

Mario Badescu Vitamin C serum (full size)
Ahhh the skin elixir that is Vitamin C. I swear this is "my secret" to youthful skin. It's just so good! Vitamin C is chock full of good things that do good things for your face. This serum absorbs quickly and makes my skin feel smooth and preped for other skincare and makeup. If I only could use one thing for my skincare routine, this is it. The thing to look for Ascorbic acid if you want a Vitamin C fix.
Would I re-purchase: Yes, I already have
RRP: $58

Mario Badescu Seaweed night cream (full size)
I love Seaweed (see my post below), and this is another staple in my skincare regime. It moisturises and plumps up my skin and makes it feel uber soft. The only thing that I've found is that I can't use it in conjunction with The Body Shops' Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask, it gives me these weird hives/ break out all over my face.
Would I re-purchase: Yes, I already have
Available: Mecca Cosmerica and
RRP: $33

Neutrogena Hydro Boost gel (full size)
I loved the smell of this but I didn't feel uber hydrated. It was nice and felt good on my skin, but I've definitely used much better moisturisers. I felt like it absorbed too quickly and I thought it would really sit on the skin more given its gel nature.
Would I re-purchase: Only if I was out of and every where was sold out of my faves
Available: Priceline stores and online
RRP: $24.99

Sukin Purifying Facial Masque (full size)
I've had this for a while but I feel like it didn't do much for me. My partner liked it enough but he's not a regular mask user and likes other things better. I didn't end up finishing it and just tossing it as it's quite old.
Would I re-purchase: No
Available: Priceline stores and online
RRP: $15.99

Excuse the dried out clay. as you can see, it was well tested (!?)

Socialeyes lashes in Tease 2.0 and Polished
These are 2 of my fave lashes ever. They've got a thin, very flexible clear band and are super comfy to wear. I personally prefer half lashes for myself and the Tease 2.0 are perfect.
Would I re-purchase: Yes, I already have
RRP: Tease 2.0 $4.95, Polished $5.95

MAC False Lashes mascara (sample)
This is my second sample. Same thoughts as last time. It's ok and I prefer it layered with something else.
Would I re-purchase: No
Available: MAC stores, counters and online
RRP: $42 (full size)

By Terry Baume De Rose (sample)
I found this sample and thought I'd give it a go. It's rose scented and normally I dislike anything rose scented and although the scent is initially really strong, it dissipated pretty quickly. The lip balm is thick but not uncomfortable. It did make my lips soft and they felt slightly plumper after using it. If it weren't for the rose scent, I would like this.
Would I re-purchase: No
RRP: $84

Batiste XXL dry shampoo (mini/ sample)
I love Batiste dry shampoos, but I didn't like this  like some of the other "flavours". It didn't make my hair massive and give it much volume, I would recommend a Volumising product for that. It did soak up the oils from my hair and revive it.
Would I re-purchase: Not this particular one, but a Batiste dry shampoo, yes
Available: Priceline and most supermarkets
RRP: $12.99 (200ml), $19.99 (400ml)

Tresemme Heat Tamer Protective spray (full size)
This has been a staple product in our house since I first discovered it. It works well and smells great. My partner dislikes all other protective sprays but loves this. I'll be honest, he's a little "protective" about his hair... I guess that's a Leo for you haha.
Would. I re-purchase: Yes, already have
Available: Priceline
RRP: $7.99

Moroccan Oil treatment (full size)
This is my holy grail hair product! If I could bath in this I would. My hair is in better condition thanks to this baby. And the smell? OOOHHH I DIE! If they could make this into a fragrance, or candle or something, I would be one very happy camper. Even though it's an oil, it doesn't make your hair greasy at all. I also find it makes my hair dry quicker too. 
Would I re-purchase: Yes, I already have 
Available: Most hairdressers,, 
RRP: $59.95 

Redken Refining Sea Polish (full size)
This is basically a "liquid pumice" that you use to exfoliate the hair. I loved the feeling of rubbing this through my hair and the results afterwards were amazing. My hair always looked so shiny and healthy. I'm so sad they discontinued it. Exfoliating shampoos, in my opinion, just aren't the same. 
Would I re-purchase: Yes, if it were not discontinued
Available: Discontinued 

What have you guys been loving this month? Beauty staples that you purchase again and again? I wanna know! :) 

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Review: Madam Glam gel nail polish

I received these a while back, but had to buy all the equipment associated with doing gel nails at home, like an LED lamp etc. I'm also quite new to gel nails, and definitely a novice for an at home session so I gave these a few trials before I wanted to write this review up.

I received the shades:

* Quicksilver (soak off gel polish) ~ glittery white silver
* Plum Addict (soak off gel polish) ~ a rich plum
* Dancing in the Moonlight (colour chameleon gel polish) ~ glitter pink when warm, glitter purple when cold
* A La Mode (colour chameleon gel polish) ~ warm bubblegum pink when warm, dark purple when cold



Plum Addict

Plum Addict
Dancing In The Moonlight

A La Mode

First Impressions:
I am especially taken with the colour changing "chameleon" gels. I love anything "gimmicky", glittery and fun like that, so these are right up my alley! My fave shade out of all 4 I received is definitely Dancing in the Moonlight.
I applied a thin layer, cured for 2 minutes, another thin layer, another 2 minutes and repeat again. Both Quicksilver and Dancing in the Moodlight applied thicker, due to being a heavier, glitter base, but I was able to get thin layers quite easily.
All 4 brushes aren't too thin, and definitely not as wide as a lot of polish brushes are. They move easily and feel very controlled when applying the polish. I personally found there was a tendency to go "outside the lines", but I'm not especially careful when applying nail polish. I'll happily scrape/ clean up the residue with my other nails. However, if you do that too, I'd recommend cleaning up before curing, as it's much tougher to clean up. Or you could find a bottle of that latex product that people seem to be using more frequently. 
The nail application goes on smooth without too much fuss and cure evenly too. 

Again, with the 2 glittery shades, Quicksilver and Dancing in the Moonlight, being thicker, they were opaque by 2 coats, both Plum Addict and A La Mode were opaque with 3 coats, all of which you do want to be thin so curing is quicker and you get a more even, smooth finish. 

Being the novice that I am, especially when it comes to gels, these are easy to use and complete novices, and of course, pros, won't have an issue using them. 

On my second "real" go, it took me maybe 25 minutes to do both hands and feet. They're fantastic, as once cured, there's no drying time, so you're good to go without having to be cautious about wrecking your polish job. 

They smell plasticky, and do smell compared to other nail polishes. I'd advise doing them in a decent space with good air flow, which you should be doing anyway. 

Easy to remove? On my fingers, a few nails peeled off (with assistance), and I just picked the rest off (naughty naughty!). On my toes, I just used a non acetone nailpolish remover, it did take a fair effort and time, so I would advise buying an actual soak off remover to make the process easier and quicker. 

After a month:
I don't know what it is, but I cannot keep these on my fingernails, but my toe nails? These last forever!
Fingers: I believe that it was completely my non prep as to why these polishes didn't work on my finger nails: (a list for total transparency)
* My finger nails were too smooth (I buffed and shined my nails before use).
* I didn't use a base coat, so the polish didn't stick as it should.
* I'm pretty hard on my nails (yes, I use my nails for everything like opening cans etc, which you "shouldn't" do... They are tools to me lol).
* I used just a normal OPI top coat afterwards.
So maybe this review is flawed as I didn't do everything, or really, anything, to get the best performance out of these polishes. On my fingernails, they lasted just under 2 weeks.

Toe nails:  All of the shades lasted well over a month, until I took them off to put another shade on. I didn't buff my toe nails and I don't do anything crazy, or strenuous with my toes haha. So I'm going to say it was these 2 main reasons that my fingers didn't last as long. Each colour remained opaque and chip free from application. You could see my nail grow out before application was altered in any way.

The colour change polishes didn't faulter in any way, from application to removal, they kept changing colour from warm/ hot to cold, and under water.

Would I purchase?:

After my personal shittiness with my fingers, I would still say yes. These work very well on my toes and last longer and don't chip like normal polish. There are a TON of amazing colours from neutrals, through to neons and glitters and my personal faves, colour change chameleons. You can also buy everything you need like base/ top coats, starter kits etc on the website. I bought my LED lamp on Ebay for like $5.


RRP: from $19.95USD

Madam Glam ships worldwide

All Madam Glam items sent to me for consideration, as always, thoughts and opinions are my own.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

My Farfetch Wishlist; and what's in my makeup bag!

I'm an online shopper. I love spending hours just trawling through websites, especially the beauty ones! I've been a long time lover of the website Farfetch and wanted to show you what's on my beauty Wishlist and to tell you Farfetch have opened up it's NEW beauty boutique Space NK Apothecary. 

These are my TOP 5 Wishlist items!!! (this excludes those amazing Sophia Webster wing heels!!)

~ My Daily Essentials Makeup Bag ~

Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer
Benefit High Beam
NARS Luminous Silk foundation
NARS Radiant Creamy concealer
Hourglass Dim Light Luminous powder 
TheBalm Mary-Lou Manizer
Anastasia Beverley Hills Dip Brow Pomade
MAC Painterly Paintpot
MAC Vanilla pigment
MAC Blacktrack fluidline
Ardency Inn Black Modster eye pencil
Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara
MAC Creme Cup lipstick

Sneak Peak into my goodie bag!

All my daily faves!! 

All prices in AUD$. 
All items available on

All pictures from and as an entry to the Farfetch Beauty Blogger competition.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Get to know me tag: beauty version

Another tag but this time a beauty version! If you don't want to get to know me in generic life ways, but maybe more about what beauty things I love and prefer instead!

Do you remember your first makeup item? I always had those little plastic kiddy sets growing up, but I distinctly remember a plum nutrametics lip pencil I was given!

Describe your perfect mascara. Have you found one that fits your specifications? I love something that curls and gives volume but doesn't clump. I feel like I haven't, but I do love the Lancome Hypnose and Givenchy Phenomonem eyes.

What do you prefer with foundation coverage? Medium and luminous coverage.

Favourite high end brand? Probably MAC or Too Faced.

Favourite drugstore brand? Shanghai Suzy

What brands have you always wanted to try, but yet haven't? Kat Von D and Marc Jacobs

How do you feel about fake eyelashes? I love them! I can't be bothered with them for everyday but are *essential* for a full glam,night out look! 

Is there any beauty product you cant leave the house without? Nah I'm good to leave without anything on. Wait! I'm gonna be a smart ass and say SPF sunscreen! (go me haha)

What is your most cherished beauty product? Ooohh! That is extremely tough! I actually cannot choose! 

How often do you shop for makeup? Whenever theres a new collection of my fave brands, I'll have a suss. Or new products I deem a "must have" like duochrome eyeshadows lol.

Do you have a "beauty budget" or spend freely? I spend freely, however,I'm getting much better and not just buying stuff just coz... unless it's duochrome eyeshadows....

Favourite place to shop for makeup? Mecca online

Do you utilise promos, discount codes for purchases? Yes, I'll always try and get free shipping where I can. That's the time that I'll freely start adding shit to my bag to make it work hahaha

What type of product do you buy the most? I would have to say eyeshadows. 

Is there a brand you can't stand? *cough limecrime cough*... was that the wind.... Any brand who doesn't have integrity or who won't help customers where they know they're in the wrong.

Do you avoid certain ingredients in products? Not really. I'm very lucky to not be allergic to anything (that I know of).

Do you like to try new skincare products, or stick for a tried and true regime? I like to try things out, however, more often than not, I always come back to my faves!

Favourite body product? Probably Frank body scrub

If you could only choose 1 brand to purchase items from, for the rest of your life, what would it be? MAC or Urban Decay. They have all products that I might use. 

What brand has the best packaging? Hourglass! So pretty! 

Which celebrity always has great makeup? The Kardashians/ Jenners!

Do you belong to any online makeup communities? Not anymore. I used to be on Specktra a lot. 

5 favourite beauty "gurus"?
* Linda Hallberg
* Samantha Ravndahl
* Chloe Morello
* Chrisspy
* Nikkie Tutorials

Do you like multi purpose beauty products? Not particularly. 

Which area of makeup application are you most clumsiest? Contour! I wish it was as easy as it seems lol. Also, fullstrip and individual lashes. 

What makeup and eye primers do you use? Hourglass primer for face; MAC Painterly paintpot for eyes.

What hair products do you use on a day to day basis? I brush my hair... that's it....

Which comes first, foundation or concealer? Foundation.

Have you ever taken any makeup classes? Yes, I have Cert II in Retail makeup services and a occasionally go to the MAC pro classes they have.

What do you love most about makeup? The creativity and use of colour!! 


Blush or bronzer? Blush

Lipstick or lipgloss? Lipstick

Eyeliner or mascara? Eyeliner

Foundation or concealer? Foundation

Brights or neutrals? Brights!

Brights or darks? Brights!! (I live for colour)

Pressed or loose eyeshadow? Pressed

Brushes or sponges? Brushes

I hope you feel like you know me a bit better now haha! I thoroughly enjoyed that for a big of random fun! Thanks for reading!! :)

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Get to know me tag: random "life/ generic" version

I can't recall ever doing one of these, and since I'm going to be posting a lot more often and it's a new year (kinda, sorta, when can/ does one stop saying that?), I thought why not get to know me a little better. Ya know, the one who's actually behind this blog haha. 

This is just a random tag that I found on the interwebs... 

What is your name? Mel (I will never reveal my real name hahahaha!)

What are your nicknames? Mel

When is your birthday? 15th of June

Where were you born? New Plymouth, NZ

What is your starsign? Gemini

What is your occupation? Retail assistant

What is your dream job? Something to do with animals

What colour is your hair? Various shades of brown (going through that delightful growing out phase!)

What was the last thing you bought? Frank body scrub

How long is your hair? About halfway down my back

What colour are your eyes? Blue and green

What's your best feature? My eyes

Do you gave braces? Haha yes I do! 

Do you have any piercings? A few! 11 in total

Do you have any pets? Sadly, no.

Are you left or right handed? Right

MAC or PC? Who still uses a PC? lol

iOS or Android? iOS

Dogs or cats? CATS!!!

What was your first award? Probably something school related

What is your favourite sport? What is sport? Is that something you eat? Never heard of it... 

When was your first real holiday? When I was 'round about 6 I reckon...

What was the last concert you went to? Rihanna I think (a very long time ago)

What's your favourite movie? Hahahaha Mean Girls and Zoolander

What's your favourite TV show? The Blacklist

What's your favourite colour? Green

What's your favourite song? Right now I'm loving Wildest Dreams by Taylor Swift lol

What's your favourite restaurant? Don't really have one, however, I love anything Japanese and Mexican!

Whats your favourite shop? MECCA! hahaha (who didn't know that!?)

What's your favourite book? I don't have one, but I'm reading "Frequency" by Penney Pierce

What's your favourite pair of shoes? I love all of my shoes! 

What's your fave season? Late Spring, early Summer

What's your favourite quote? "There's no such thing as tomorrow"...

What's your favourite sense? Vision!

How are you currently feeling? Elated with life!

What are you currently eating? A green smoothie

What are you currently listening to? The air conditioner lol

What are you currently thinking about? My blog

What are you currently watching? Nothing

Do you want children one day? Nope

Do you want to be married one day? Nope

Where do you want to live? Anywhere where I'm happy and doing what I want to do.

Do you believe in god? Nope

Do you believe in love at first sight? Yes

Do you believe in ghosts? Yes

Do you believe in aliens? Definitely

Do you believe in soul mates? Yes

Do you believe in heaven or hell? Not in the traditional sense

Do you believe in kissing on the first date? Haha I guess, but only if you're ready lol

Do you believe in yourself? What an important question! I'm slowly getting there

Do you sing in the shower? No I don't, in the car on the other hand...

When did you last laugh and what was it about? Probably something to do with cats, a few hours ago

Where was the last place you travelled to? Cleland Wildlife Park

Would you go skydiving? Hell yeah!! 

If you could travel anywhere in  the world, where would you go? So many places. Back to NZ; Africa, Mexico, Japan, Finland, Canada...

If you had a million dollars, what would you do with it? Bank it (wow, such adulting!), or open a cat/ animal sanctuary... 

Can you whistle? Yup

Can you speak another language? Very basic Spanish

Have you ever had surgery? Yup

What's the most important in your life? My loved ones, food, humour and cats

Well, I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little better! :)

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Review: Josie Maran Coconut Watercolour eyeshadow

I have seen this product raved about so much, that naturally, I wanted to try it out. I got the shade Rainforest Green, which is a beautiful emerald green shade, which is metallic looking and ever so slightly shimmery.

The package is quite unique, in a glass bottle that looks like a dropper. It's got a doe foot applicator and thinking about it now, it's very similar like those YSL and Giorgio Armani cream to powder eyeshadow that have been coming out recently, except this is with Coconut water.

First Impression/ use: 
I don't know what it is, but *spoiler alert* it is a hot mess of a product. Is it me? Is it the product? I really have no idea. Let's talk about it a little to see what the deal is.

I followed the instructions, so I know it's not that. I shook it to disperse the product around, as instructed, yet the bulk of the product stayed at the bottom of the bottle. I shook it harder, Nothing. I then took the applicator and tried to jimmy/ swish the product from the bottom to get it moving around. Nothing. So I'm basically left with this watery, slightly coloured, liquid. It applied like crap (because it's just "water" is a guess....).

Second point: It didn't dry. Whatever colour payoff I did get, was then also let down by the fact that it took forever to dry and I couldn't even open my eyes fully as the colour transferred to my upper lid/ crease area. So this is definitely not a product for those with hooded eyes.


Second use: (swatched)
I wrote the start of this blog a while back and just hated this, however, just to make sure my opinion was the same, I just shook it up and swatched it on my hand and it's now "working". It swatched perfectly and mostly dried down, but it did take a good couple of minutes to do so. It wasn't wet to touch, but it was easily smeared when touched, so it never 100% fully dried.

L-R: Swatched with about 5 layers; blended out
(photo in natural sunny light)
Second use: (eyes)
As I went to use this properly, I shook it but when I gently scraped the applicator on the sides to remove excess product, it broke off! Really not having a good time with this product. I still wanted to continue testing this out, but it was uber tricky after the applicator broke on me, however, I persevered and just used a concealer brush on my eye. First layer on both eyes (one primed with a paintpot and nude eyeshadow; one completely bare) and it creased and was ultra sheer. Second layer I blended out with my finger, and it is very easy to blend. I think it applied pretty much the same on both eyes (primed and not primed).

The broken applicator :(

After 6 hours wear, it still looks the same as when first applied, so the product hasn't moved, but the lid looks extremely sheer and creased as noted when first applied. So it didn't get any worse, except for the lids. 

This is not ideal for those who like good coverage, have oily lids or are time limited. I would not recommend this to anyone who is a novice at makeup either. I feel like I have a very good handle on makeup, and just couldn't make it work. 

The 1 pro I can see out of this product. It washes off so easy. Like, just add water easy. Also could be a con though, if your eyes water or you cry easily or at photos of kittens and puppies, you're going to look like a hot mess.

It's seriously such a shame that this failed so hard for me, when opaque (swatched), it is the most prettiest emerald shade that sparkles perfectly. The only way I can see this working is if you have a lot of time up your sleeve and you love the grungy look. 


Would I repurchase?: 
I'm so tempted to get the rose gold shade, Rio De Rose Gold, but, no. I will not be buying any more of these after the experience I had. 

Available: Mecca Maxima, Kit Cosmetics and
RRP: $25

PS. if you know how you're actually supposed to use this product, please let me know.