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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Recent empties: episode 2

Hi guys! Back with another edition of recent empties... I have a lot that I've used up since I did the last one of these. I'm focusing on using up what I have, rather than buying more stuff. Very novel right?

The Body Shop Satsuma body butter (jumbo size)
This has taken me FOREVER to use. I'm not a super moisturiser, and just use them when I remember (which is rare, but I'm getting better!). This is my favourite Body Shop scent and I like that it's thick and I feel moisturised for a long time after using the body butters. I also learnt that I definitely prefer smaller packaged things so I feel like I can get through them, rather than something so massive like this, especially when I don't use a product often enough (my staples, however, could benefit from being bath sized in packaging haha).
Would I re-purchase: Yes, but not this size.
Available: The Body Shop stores and online
RRP: $8.95 (mini/ 50ml), $24.95 (regular/ 200ml) and $39.95 (400ml/ jumbo)

Kate Somerville Cytocell eye cream (full size)
I love this and even though it's more directed at dark circles, I love it for keeping my fine lines at bay. It's moisturising but not too heavy. This is a must have in my skincare regime.
Would I re-purchase: Yes, I already have
Available: Mecca Cosmetica and
RRP: $112

Mario Badescu Vitamin C serum (full size)
Ahhh the skin elixir that is Vitamin C. I swear this is "my secret" to youthful skin. It's just so good! Vitamin C is chock full of good things that do good things for your face. This serum absorbs quickly and makes my skin feel smooth and preped for other skincare and makeup. If I only could use one thing for my skincare routine, this is it. The thing to look for Ascorbic acid if you want a Vitamin C fix.
Would I re-purchase: Yes, I already have
RRP: $58

Mario Badescu Seaweed night cream (full size)
I love Seaweed (see my post below), and this is another staple in my skincare regime. It moisturises and plumps up my skin and makes it feel uber soft. The only thing that I've found is that I can't use it in conjunction with The Body Shops' Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask, it gives me these weird hives/ break out all over my face.
Would I re-purchase: Yes, I already have
Available: Mecca Cosmerica and
RRP: $33

Neutrogena Hydro Boost gel (full size)
I loved the smell of this but I didn't feel uber hydrated. It was nice and felt good on my skin, but I've definitely used much better moisturisers. I felt like it absorbed too quickly and I thought it would really sit on the skin more given its gel nature.
Would I re-purchase: Only if I was out of and every where was sold out of my faves
Available: Priceline stores and online
RRP: $24.99

Sukin Purifying Facial Masque (full size)
I've had this for a while but I feel like it didn't do much for me. My partner liked it enough but he's not a regular mask user and likes other things better. I didn't end up finishing it and just tossing it as it's quite old.
Would I re-purchase: No
Available: Priceline stores and online
RRP: $15.99

Excuse the dried out clay. as you can see, it was well tested (!?)

Socialeyes lashes in Tease 2.0 and Polished
These are 2 of my fave lashes ever. They've got a thin, very flexible clear band and are super comfy to wear. I personally prefer half lashes for myself and the Tease 2.0 are perfect.
Would I re-purchase: Yes, I already have
RRP: Tease 2.0 $4.95, Polished $5.95

MAC False Lashes mascara (sample)
This is my second sample. Same thoughts as last time. It's ok and I prefer it layered with something else.
Would I re-purchase: No
Available: MAC stores, counters and online
RRP: $42 (full size)

By Terry Baume De Rose (sample)
I found this sample and thought I'd give it a go. It's rose scented and normally I dislike anything rose scented and although the scent is initially really strong, it dissipated pretty quickly. The lip balm is thick but not uncomfortable. It did make my lips soft and they felt slightly plumper after using it. If it weren't for the rose scent, I would like this.
Would I re-purchase: No
RRP: $84

Batiste XXL dry shampoo (mini/ sample)
I love Batiste dry shampoos, but I didn't like this  like some of the other "flavours". It didn't make my hair massive and give it much volume, I would recommend a Volumising product for that. It did soak up the oils from my hair and revive it.
Would I re-purchase: Not this particular one, but a Batiste dry shampoo, yes
Available: Priceline and most supermarkets
RRP: $12.99 (200ml), $19.99 (400ml)

Tresemme Heat Tamer Protective spray (full size)
This has been a staple product in our house since I first discovered it. It works well and smells great. My partner dislikes all other protective sprays but loves this. I'll be honest, he's a little "protective" about his hair... I guess that's a Leo for you haha.
Would. I re-purchase: Yes, already have
Available: Priceline
RRP: $7.99

Moroccan Oil treatment (full size)
This is my holy grail hair product! If I could bath in this I would. My hair is in better condition thanks to this baby. And the smell? OOOHHH I DIE! If they could make this into a fragrance, or candle or something, I would be one very happy camper. Even though it's an oil, it doesn't make your hair greasy at all. I also find it makes my hair dry quicker too. 
Would I re-purchase: Yes, I already have 
Available: Most hairdressers,, 
RRP: $59.95 

Redken Refining Sea Polish (full size)
This is basically a "liquid pumice" that you use to exfoliate the hair. I loved the feeling of rubbing this through my hair and the results afterwards were amazing. My hair always looked so shiny and healthy. I'm so sad they discontinued it. Exfoliating shampoos, in my opinion, just aren't the same. 
Would I re-purchase: Yes, if it were not discontinued
Available: Discontinued 

What have you guys been loving this month? Beauty staples that you purchase again and again? I wanna know! :)