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Hi! Kia Ora! Jumbo! ¡Hola! Merhaba! Guten Tag! 
Welcome to Melz Manor!

I'm Mel and this is my blog about all things beauty (mostly makeup), and other random tidbits I find interesting. 

I have completed Certificate II in Retail Makeup Services so I do have some expertise and experience in the industry, other than just loving and being obsessed, and buying lots of, products. I studied at the Media Makeup Academy here in Adelaide.

I've always loved makeup, and I was definitely the makeup obsessed one back in school. I even remember having those kiddie heart shaped cosmetic sets with the plasticky, shiny glosses (surely you know the ones I'm talking about).

This is my piece of the interwebs that I can blog about what I love and want to share with you. 

Total disclaimer, as healthy as this blog (I) may seem. I'm truely not, I unhealthily snack a lot. I'm not perfect by far, I'm just trying to be as healthy and good to the earth as I can be. Without exercise. And a massive dose of cats. 

Thanks very much for coming over and checking out what I'm about. I hope to see you again!
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Anything else you want to know about me, just ask!


Everything you see on this blog has been bought by me unless stated.
I genuinely 100% give my honest opinion 100% of the time.
If you want to send me something to review, I'm all for it but it will be given an honest review of my thoughts, feelings and opinions of whatever it is.